Hair Care: Seasonal Changes

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Save 15% on your next order from Hairfinity with code below.    While you can follow your same hair care routine throughout the year, many women find it beneficial to tweak their regimens with changes in the weather. If you live in a climate that doesn’t have drastic seasonal changes, you’re less likely to need ... Read More »

Manicure Mondays: Bringing in Fall While Holding on to Summer

It seems like it’s been forever since my last personal post. I’m working on multiple projects and keeping busy. I’ve also interrupted a big project that is very important to me, so that I can work on some things with the Beauty Supply Institute. This project has me traveling back and forth to Atlanta over the next few months. Hopefully, ... Read More »

Beware of Curl Softening Nightmare

There are so many products in the market that specifically target the manageability of ethnic afro-curly-kinky-coily type hair. We are no stranger to relaxers and even texturizers. They have been an every 4-8 week “must have” for many of us growing up. This is during a time when new growth was the enemy. Now that we are natural, there is ... Read More »

No Chemical, No Commitment: Using Eye Shadow for Temporary Hair Color

Eye Shadow for Temporary Hair Color We all know that Natural Hair, is hair that has not been chemically altered with straighteners or other chemicals. However many Naturals will still flaunt their natural coils, curls and kinks while also using chemicals to add pops of color to her hair. Versatility is the beauty of Natural Hair and most ladies want ... Read More »

Teaching Our Daughters How to Care for Natural Hair

 Teaching Our Daughters How to Care for Natural Hair I never considered teaching my 10 year old how to care for her hair until recently.  I saw a YouTube video by DiscoveringNatural of a nine year old, co-washing her hair, that resulted to her styling her hair in a puff. It made me think that maybe we should all be ... Read More »

The African Shop Inspired Maxi Skirt

Savvy Natural You - Marsha Willis - African Print Maxi

I have seen many photos from The African Shop gorgeous maxi skirts from beautiful African Wax Print fabrics. Just when I decided that I wanted to order one of the skirts at nearly $100 including shipping, I noticed that the shipping and processing could take up to 3 weeks for the imported item. I decided to figure out how I ... Read More »


When I founded BLACK OWNED BUSINESS – Kansas City, I had one goal: allow the dollar to be passed multiple times within our own community before allowing it to move beyond. Now nearly 2300 members later, I realize that there is much more to be done. It’s one thing to advocate buying black but we also need more black business ... Read More »

UniverSoul Circus Review

Savvy Natural YOU - UniverSoul 3

UniverSoul Circus I have been to a few UniverSoul Circus performances and this summer’s appearance was by far the absolute best. I was given 5 tickets to attend the UniverSoul Circus as part of the Media Day and Opening day. I decided to take my two children and 19 year-old sister. When I told them that we were able to ... Read More »