LIBBY'S® PUMPKIN ROLL   Print Prep time 45 mins Cook time 13 mins Total time 58 mins   Just in time for fall, here is a delicious family favorite that will have your home smelling yummy. Author: Marsha Willis Recipe type: Dessert Serves: 10 Ingredients Cake: ¼ cup powdered sugar (to sprinkle on towel) ¾ cup all-purpose flour ½ ... Read More »

Craigslist Home Decor Haul

I love to decorate and over the years have spent tens of thousands of dollars on home decor. When I decided to move last year, I wanted to re-do my new home with mostly new (or new to me) items. I started selling everything then was hit with a lease discrepancy. In the end I had a bare living area ... Read More »

World Market

Visiting World Market is always an adventure. The artsy eclectic collection of home decor merged with the ethnic explosion of spices and foods makes for a fun and unique shopping experience. I have always lived pretty close close to world market, now I am moving within walking distance and this could be a good and not so good thing. This ... Read More »

Tampons, Pads and Toilet Paper

Hi Beautiful! Tampons, Pads and Toilet Paper have been on my mind a lot lately. About 2 months ago I was sitting at my desk at work when I noticed a lady walk into the restroom, walk back out, go over to a co-works desk, walk away with a tampon, then go back into the restroom. That quick transaction made ... Read More »


  So, I finally got to go to Jamaica. Not just go, but see the ocean for the first time. I was able to feel the warm sand between my toes. Fall asleep to the relaxing splash of the sea right outside my bedroom. I went horseback riding right into the ocean and walked through waterfalls. I made a goal ... Read More »

LEGOLAND Discovery Center – Kansas City

Hi Beautiful! Summer is almost here so I will be posting some fun things to do with the kiddos. Explore LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City, the ultimate indoor playground for kids ages 3-10 who are the biggest fans of LEGO! LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City is one of Kansas City’s best attractions for kids! Reach out and touch the stars ... Read More »

Sea Life Kansas City Aquarium

Hi Beautiful! Summer is almost here so I will be posting some fun things to do with the kiddos. Sea Life is definitely on our to do list. At SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium will transport you into the amazing underwater world. Come nose to nose with sharks and prepare for astonishingly close views of everything from humble starfish and ... Read More »

Family Fun at Schlitterbahn

Hi Beautiful! School will be over in just a few short weeks and I am already planning FUN and FRUGAL things that I will do with the kids. Schlitterbahn is at the top of the list. Olivya has been plotting her visit since grand opening, so now I just have to take her. She just swears that she is going to ... Read More »