Defining Natural Hair

Defining Natural Hair

Defining Natural Hair I consider natural hair to be, your hair just the way it grows from your scalp. It can range from kinky, to curls, waves or straight hair. Your natural hair may be black, brown, blonde or red. It can be long or short or anything in-between. Natural hair is any hair that has not been chemically altered ... Read More »

Chunky Twist Out- My Go-To Style

Chunky Twist Out- My Got-To Style By: Nikkimae2003 The chunky twist out has been my all-time favorite natural style for nearly 4 years and is my go-to style. The results are always beautiful and can lead to many other styles throughout the week. I learned how to do Mae’s Super Chunky Twis tout on Nikkimae2003′s YouTube channel. I love that I’m ... Read More »

iSpy a Natural

Encourage the beauty of natural hair by playing iSpy a natural. Feel free to send us your photos.       Read More »