o christmas tree

o christmas tree

(Ahem!) My Christmas tree has been up since a week before Halloween. I normally put it up Halloween night or the night after. (Not that that sounds any better). I just love Christmas decorations. My tip to tree decorating is to put a ton of ornaments everywhere on the tree. :)

Normally, I have traditional Christmas colors with a pop of turquoise. This year I decided to go all gold. I already had a bunch of gold ornaments and only purchased a few new pieces this year. Next year I plan to change my tree and decor all together. But for now,  I’ll enjoy the richness of the gold.

Christmas Tree : Marsha Willis Living
Christmas Tree : Marsha Willis Living




Christmas Tree | Marsha Willis Living
I found this tree skirt at Marshalls. I love the white intricate embroidered design instead of the traditional red and green or now popular faux fur and animal print.
Christmas Tree : Marsha Willis Living

Bye, for now!

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