No Chemical, No Commitment: Using Eye Shadow for Temporary Hair Color


Eye Shadow for Temporary Hair Color

We all know that Natural Hair, is hair that has not been chemically altered with straighteners or other chemicals. However many Naturals will still flaunt their natural coils, curls and kinks while also using chemicals to add pops of color to her hair. Versatility is the beauty of Natural Hair and most ladies want to experiment with color without the commitment or potential damage of permanent hair color. Naturals are now opting for the no chemical, no commitment use of eye shadow for temporary hair color.

Yes, eye shadow! You can use eye shadow to color your hair. Just think of the unlimited amounts of brilliant colors that are available; pinks, purples, golds, reds even greens. Typically in order to get those types of colors to show boldly on your hair you have to go through a pretty harsh process of lightening your hair with bleach then adding the color to the lifted hair. This is never recommended as a DIY job because you can really damage or lose your hair. Even if a professional does your hair there is risk of hair loss; especially if you are not taking proper after care measures. Now you can have it both ways; fabulous color and healthy hair.


Model Name: Alexandria D, Eye Shadow: Deep Glow- NYX Cosmetics, Conditioner: Shea Moisture Restorative Leave-in, Style: Twist-out

We talked to the beautiful Alexandria D to see how she was able to pull off this fabulous look. She started with hair that was cleansed a few days prior. Then added a leave in conditioner to moisten the hair. Next according to Alexandria,

Its super easy. Just run the eyeshadow on a section of your hair. Might have to do it twice or thrice, depending on the color. Start from the top and pull all the way down to your ends.

Last she prepared her hair for a twist-out. Since this was her first time trying this method, she didn’t want to use an expensive eye shadow so she used DEEP GLOW by NYX. Alexandria hasn’t experienced any dryness, rubbing off or fading of color; even during today’s humid, rainy weather. If you will be using loose mineral eye shadow, she suggests mixing it with your favorite hair gel then doing a twist or braid out on curly hair.

This is a fabulous no chemical, no commitment way of getting brilliant hair color without the worry of chemical damage or hair color regret. You can experiment with so many different colors even ombre. For a more detailed look or smaller sections, just rub the eye shadow on your thumb and index fingers and smooth on the the desired section of hair. Repeat to add intensity to the color. Once you’re tried of the look, simply shampoo your hair and explore another color. I absolutely love the final results of Alexandria’s hair and am tempted to step outside my comfort zone and add a pop of color to my own hair.