Craigslist Finds 2.0

So you know that you’ve got it bad when you replace really nice items that you’ve purchased new with your fabulous craigslist finds. It is safe to say that I am addicted to Craigslist. I said that I was not going to buy anything for the new home until after I move but I LIED. I have been trying to debate if I would replace my current bedroom set or paint it white. I have a dark wood bed and dresser with somewhat dark bedding. My room has had a gender neutral look for years and I have been craving a dainty girly girl bedroom and bathroom. I found some pieces on Craigslist that I absolutely “heart” and I can’t wait to style my new room. BTW, I officially move this Saturday. Yay!


Craigslist : Marsha Willis Living

Highboy Queen Anne Chest

I saw this piece and was in love. I just had to have it. The original owner says that the recently purchased from a boutique for $1500. I am not sure what her original asking price was. It was reduced to at $350. I told he that I would pay $250.  She mentioned the night stands and I was interested but I told her that I only cared to get the chest. She offered all 3 for $475. I continued to only have interest in the chest. Then she called me. I told her the most that I would do for all 3 is $350 and she agreed. She told me that she was “over it” and just wanted he garage back. I gladly rented a truck, drove across the state line and went to pick up my items. Craigslist : Marsha Willis Living

Nightstand Pair

I also inquired about a wrought iron headboard and metal bed frame from another seller. He just so happened to contact me on the way to pick up my finds. He happened to be near the first seller so I was able to pick the bed up after.

Craigslist : Marsha Willis Living

Wrought Iron Headboard with Rails

I think that this bed is super cute and it is close enough in color to serve as a temporary placeholder for the type of bed bed that I really want. I will give you a hint, (something tufted). This bed was listed for $35 so I felt a little guilty when I only paid $20.


Hooker Sanctuary Bed : Marsha Willis Living

Here is the bed that I really want, Sanctuary by Hooker. Isn’t she lovely? If you have not noticed by now, I LOVE TUFTING. I will likely go on ahead and splurge on this bed. If I don’t get this exact bed, I will get something tufted with a very high headboard. 10636303_10204444211040848_6464206516586943659_n Here is the my what my old bed looks like. I had similar colors that repeated throughout the home. Before getting the white cigar sofa, I had a gorgeous burnt orange leather tufted sofa. Check out my new cigar sofa HERE, which was also a craigslist find. I cant wait to get moved in so that I can style my room. I will share my new color scheme in a later article but I am definitely going for a romantic girly-girl look. I am so over the darker masculine look. Maybe I will do some pinks and chandeliers. You’ll just have to come back to see.


My finds recap

Highboy Queen Anne Chest and matching night stands $350

Wrought Iron Headboard with Rails $20

TOTAL: $370