Clear It

Clear It

This is me clearing my mind.

I just ended a very motivating group life coaching session with Lisa Nichols from Motivating the Masses. Today is day 2 of the Million Dollar Mindset Power Week and I am motivated to make changes in my life. I want to share some powerful messages with Savvy Natural You because as we are together with our natural hair journey, I want to also be with you as you transform other areas within your life. I learned today that your past doesn’t determine your future. Your past is the stepping stone set up a GREAT future. When you are on task you get TESTED. The BIGGER the vision the bigger the TEST. You do not have to do this by yourself, ASK FOR HELP!

Today we have to Clear it. When you want movement in your life you want a clear path. Are you late to your dream? Some of the things that you want to work on should have been done years ago. Do not delay any further. Do you have any clutter in your mind, heart etc. ? Have a clear space and clear mind for movement.

Power Me!

I commit to clear movement in my mind within the next 36 hours. I do so well with clearing physical clutter within my home but my head is still full of doubt, worry and fear. I need to change that mindset so that I can move on within my personal journey to success.


What are some things that are causing clutter in your life? I want you to commit to clearing them today. It can be that you need to clean your room, car, hall closet, desk…anything that is causing you to not move forward. I want each and everyone of you to be successful well beyond your natural hair journey and I want to be your loudest cheerleader rooting for you throughout the way. Today we need to CLEAR IT!. Be sure to subscribe to our SAVVY updates.