live vision board

The new year always brings about new aspirations but don’t just let it start and stop there. I have been putting the thoughts become things concept in place well before I read the book THE SECRET but the book helped me the really understand many of the lessons that I have learned over the years. For those of you who have been with ... Read More »

gratitude jar

Hi ya’ll! We are just 3 hours away from 2016 and I decided to end the year with gratitude. I am very grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities that 2015 has brought and cannot wait to see what fabulous things will happen in 2016. I saw a wonderful post on that suggested making a gratitude jar. I keep ... Read More »

Tampons, Pads and Toilet Paper

Hi Beautiful! Tampons, Pads and Toilet Paper have been on my mind a lot lately. About 2 months ago I was sitting at my desk at work when I noticed a lady walk into the restroom, walk back out, go over to a co-works desk, walk away with a tampon, then go back into the restroom. That quick transaction made ... Read More »

Prepping Hair for Exercise

by Naptural85 I love to see how others prepare their hair. It gives me a chance to maybe find ways to tweak my own techniques or just to see what’s simply working for others. Check out how Naptral85 is prepping hair for exercise while adding in her skincare routine. It’s all about multitasking towards being being beautiful.  Transcript from Youtube ... Read More »

3 Common Misconceptions About Hair Loss

3 Common Misconceptions About Hair Loss

3 Common Misconceptions About Hair Loss By Dr. Meena Singh Hair loss is a very troubling condition for many who experience it.  For others, it can be seen as a normal sign of aging.  However, because the majority of both men and women will experience some form of hair loss by the age of 60, we all have our ideas and misconceptions ... Read More »