My Sister did the BIG CHOP

Hi Beautiful. Of, course I am always excited when a new natural joins the team. I was even more excited when my sister Shalonda decided to cut it all off and I was there to capture the the BIG CHOP whole experience. She is totally enjoying her short. I will say that I didn’t make my natural look so fabulous ... Read More »

Natural Hair Kids Style | Shampoo and Style in 30 Minutes

Hi Beautiful! It’s been an exciting week for me and to add to everything I agreed to let my niece, Mekhi spend the night with Olivya. Yes, on a school night! It’s hard to tell her no. Anyway her mom straightened her hair days before and it was in a bun. I found out after I woke her up to ... Read More »

D.I.Y. Natural Lip Scrub

The frigid temperatures can be harsh on your lips during the winter so it’s important that you do all that you can do to keep them protected from the cold weather. Weather can often leave us with dry cracked lips so I’m going to show you how to make a D.I.Y. Natural Lip Scrub to start rejuvenating those skin cells. ... Read More »

Italy Towel Clean | Best way to Exfoliate

I love soaking in a nice piping hot bubble bath. Taking a long hot bath is on the long list of things that I love. It’s relaxing and gives me alone time with myself plus it’s therapeutic. I light my candles, turn off the lights and turn on some jazz or old school R&B, lay back and soak. That’s the ... Read More »

Prepping Hair for Exercise

by Naptural85 I love to see how others prepare their hair. It gives me a chance to maybe find ways to tweak my own techniques or just to see what’s simply working for others. Check out how Naptral85 is prepping hair for exercise while adding in her skincare routine. It’s all about multitasking towards being being beautiful.  Transcript from Youtube ... Read More »

Does Your Daughter Wear Bold Hair and Lip Color Like Willow Smith?

Today is Miss Willow Smith‘s 14th Birthday and I can’t get the adorable 6 year old image of Willow out of my head. Over the past few years Willow has definitely made bold moves with her style. She has rocked curly hair, hair whipping extensions, wigs, long hair, short hair, pink hair, blond hair. She definitely has a swagger of ... Read More »


  I have been on a mission to finding a great foundation for photo and video. My biggest fear creating skin problems. I have managed to go 31+ years acne free and I don’t want to learn how to fight problematic skin in my thirties. None the less, I love makeup and I feel like a kid in the toy ... Read More »

drybar Review: Naturals Beware

So I have been taking care of some business in Atlanta over the last few months and decided that I wanted straight hair during my trips. When I get a blowout I expect for my hair to be flawless. I can tell how a blowout will end just by the way a stylist blows my hair dry. If my hair ... Read More »