I am always open to collaborating with other business and blogs that will represent myself and the MarshaWillisLiving community. I offer many working opportunities for your that will make it easy for your brand to advertise with us. Below I have listed many opportunities for you to introduce your brand to the MarshaWillisLiving readers. If there is an option that you do not see; I would love to customize an opportunity for you.

HERE is my 2015 Media Kit.

Product Reviews

I love learning about new product(s), service(s), designers and companies and my readers do to. If you’re looking to promote your product(s) or service(s), I would love to help you do so! I not post an article promoting any product that I’m not familiar with, so it is required that you send all products to me with a proper amount of time (2-3 weeks) before review is written. This requirement is important so that I am able to give my authentic opinion about the product that I am reviewing.


I am so happy that you have decided to sponsor a giveaway to the MarshaWillisLiving community. Giveaways are a great way to build excitement about your product(s) and service(s) while positively promoting your brand. Giveaways can be coupled with a product review or may be a stand alone giveaway if needed. Most giveaways will be held for a period of (7) days and may require that contestants review, like or follow some, if not all, of the companies social media accounts and website.  All giveaway winners are randomly selected by Rafflecopter or other services of my choice and must be mailed to the winner by your company.

Sponsored post

Marsha Willis Living is happy to collaborate with you on a sponsored post for your business. I will provide provide my honest opinion about  the product(s), photo(s) and link(s) to the company website being featured. I am interested in featuring companies, product(s) and service(s), that align well with the quality and direction of this blog.


I do accept gifts but cannot guarantee a product review or post for any gifts received. I will only share gifts that I love with the MarshaWillisLiving audience. It is understood that not all gifts received will be a fit for myself or the audience of this website and any gift sent can be used or distributed as I please, including but not limited to given away to relatives, friends, readers or charities. To guarantee that your product(s) and service(s) are promoted on this site I recommend that you consider our Product Review and/or Sponsored Post option(s).

Banner Ads

Put yourself in front of the MarshaWillisLiving community with your banner ad. Our Ad rates are reasonable and run for 30 days. Please contact me for current rates.

•Leaderboard Header Ad (728 x 90)

•Sidebar Rectangle (300 x 250)

•Footer Ad (468 x 60)

•Skyscraper (160 x 600)

•Text Link

•Context Ad

•Wallpaper Ad

Other Sponsorship Opportunities:


•Newsletter Advertisements

•Sponsored Tweets

•Sponsored posts on Instagram

•Sponsored posts on Facebook

Freelance Writing

I’m also available as a freelance writer. While my expertise lies in style and beauty, I’m open to writing on various topics including (but not limited to): lifestyle, travel, relationships, food, pop culture, blogging, mommy, female entrepreneurship, and more!

HERE is my 2015 Media Kit.  All sponsorship and Campaigns can be tailored to fit your company’s needs and will be priced accordingly. Please contact me to discuss working together or with any questions!